Custom made

Custom made and bespoke solutions

With the "CUSTOM MADE AND BESPOKE" service

Casamilano offers, in addition to standard production,

the possibility to customize each model of the collection for:

dimensions down to centimetre in width, height, depth

type of padding for a better comfort: goose down, softer or harder different densities of polyurethane foam

textile covers with piping, stitching,embroidery

remaking of upholstery and covers for Casamilano sofas

special fabrics: fireproof,outdoor, ...

materials, finishes, colours and lacquers.

Our staff will help you in the choice that best suits your needs.

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Turn your idea into a project


We can realize for you a unique, "bespoke" product, starting from your drawing, to be included in your projects or furnishings.

Everything stems from an idea, from a need ...

We will support you in all phases, realizing what you want.

Together we can find the most suitable solution for you.

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