SuiTable 40 Mono

SuiTable 40 Mono


Lia Bosch

 collection of extremely versatile tables, 5 pieces with a unique design. Small provocative works, which explore the decoration concept, giving a great personality to the decoration of the space that welcomes them. Artistic sensitivity is once again an indispensable component for conceiving and designing objects and collections that know how to interpret, not only the spaces of our daily life but - above all - the "affective spaces" of our emotions.

Preface by Davide Rampello:

"The circular economy assumes a revolution in our production models, which has flourished thanks to the reuse and to the reinterpretation of raw materials.

In the same way elements and materials are reused and reinterpreted, so words must be reinterpreted in the name of eco-sustainable progressFor this reason, Casamilano, with and thanks to Lia Bosch, has explored the concept of "decoration" and its origins. The word has followed an ancient semantic path, which has an Indo-European root "das" - that means to teach, to deserve. It evolves into Greek "dekhomai" (to accept, to receive, to welcome) and into Latin "decere" (to be appropriate) and  "decus" (decorum, dignity). Thanks to this search for truth, we can transmit the new value, behind the soul of the "decorum": being worthy to welcome, and therefore to learn, to rise to a more aware state of consciousness and consequently to receive responsibly, without waste. Lia Bosch, for Casamilano, embarks on the edifying path, starting from the "SuiTable" collection (SuiTable has to be seen as a pun): small provocative works suitable for the realization of more and more important projects. However, their importance does not lie in the material greatness, but in the value and in the vision, we want to give to them. A new vision that indeed reconciles with the same mindset of the circular economy: recycling to get rich, reinterpreting to progress".


Technical Details





Casamilano reserves the right to make technological and aesthetic improvements to its models, including changes to the sizes and materials, without notice. Pictures and technical drawings do not define the details of the product. The measurements shown are indicative and may change. In particular, the dimensions of the upholstered parts are subject to usage tolerances over time caused by the normal adjustment of the padding. All the colours on the screen (concerning pictures and materials), for technical reasons, are indicative only and may differ from the actual finish.

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