Our family history

1929 - It all begins ...

Grandfather Carlo Turati, born in 1901, sets up his own business in Giussano, in Brianza (Northern Italy), a furniture district. His artisan workshop soon becomes a small furniture factory for top-quality products.

1970 - The Path

Following the social and economic changes and the transformation of the market in the 1960s, thanks to the intuition and entrepreneurial vision of his son Giuseppe (called Peppino by his friends), the evolution of an artisan and family business dating back in 1929 becomes an industry.

Tisettanta is established, becoming in times one of the leading Italian furniture companies, by creating high quality furniture lines, designed by internationally renowned architects such as Gae Aulenti, Vico Magistretti, Angelo Mangiarotti, Carlo Bartoli, Annig Sarian and Antonio Citterio.

Within the family’s Company, Tisettanta, Peppino's sons respectively play different roles: creative area (Anna together with her father Giuseppe), commercial area (Elena and Carlo).

1998 - Casamilano is born

Leaving the family business (Tisettanta) Anna, Elena and Carlo, while maintaining the family-run business, create Casamilano, a new brand of contemporary furniture with an international taste, then recognized worldwide in the residential and hospitality sector.

Casamilano collection is fully "Made in Italy", from design to creativity. Furthermore, the entire production process is “zero kilometer”, since Casamilano is deeply linked to the territory, in the heart of Brianza, which has always been synonymous with excellent production of Italian design, paying particular attention to the choice of its highly qualified suppliers and artisans, having great skills in the furniture sector.

The company’s mission is making a continuous search for quality, by updating its collections in keeping with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle and trends.

The careful research, the choice of materials and finishes, wisely matched together, enhances the taste for details and produces unique quality objects, with an elegant and sober character, with a timeless functional design, made to last over the years in full respect for the environment.

Casamilano collaborates with important and international architects such as Paola Navone, Roberto Lazzeroni, Pietro Russo, Massimiliano Raggi, Castello Lagravinese, Marco Boga, Emanuela Garbin, Laboratorio Avallone, Lia Bosch, whose creative style corresponds to the features of the collection.

Remembering the past to improve the future ... this is the mission of Casamilano, which has managed to maintain its family reality, to build a solid future.

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