Federico Galbiati

Federico Galbiati was born in Milan in 1997. Raised in a family immersed in the world of design, he cultivated his passion from a young age. He studied Interior Design at the IED European Institute of Design in Milan, where he graduated in 2019 and obtained a Master's in Brand Management in 2022. After completing his undergraduate studies, he left Milan to gain work experience at a prestigious Architecture studio, where he had the opportunity to delve into product design, designing various products. This experience allowed him to refine his skills and develop a youthful and creative style, always in line with the latest trends.

Upon returning to Milan, he further enriched his skill set by gaining experience at several architecture studios, where he continued to cultivate his passion for design and refine his distinctive style. Today, he specializes in designing and renovating luxury apartments worldwide. With his experience in the design industry and his passion for innovation, he has specialized in providing tailored solutions that blend functionality and aesthetics in high-quality living spaces. His style is innovative and sought after, characterized by a fresh, soft, youthful, and dynamic approach.

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