Laboratorio Avallone

Gennaro Avallone gets his inspiration from natural materials, their matt or polished techniques, smooth or rough, textile wefts, raw materials rich of charms.

Graphic, illustrator, artisan, artist, Gennaro, after an experience abroad, decides to come back to Milan, where he meets his actual associate Giordano Cimnaghi, creating “Laboratorio Avallone”. A luminous and elegant room, born from a loft concept where they propose their creations.
Unique pieces, completely hand made on wood support, jute or earthenware, where the essential element is the use of plaster in the realization of the objects. Decorations and finishing have a tactile effect of great suggestion, underlined by the use of natural colors, wax treated.
A line of creations of very high handicraft imposed in times at international level. On Off furniture, complements, tailormade interior decoration solutions.
Not to forget their collaboration with Italian design companies, through the realization of projects and collections for pottery and furniture industries, among which Casamilano. 
Not last, the interest for the production of blown glass and aluminium and bronze fusions.


Products designed for Casamilano

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