Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni, born in Pisa, began his professional life with the study of art and architecture in Florence and the interests he developed during his training, in particular in the conceptual art and radical design movements. In the early 1980s, Lazzeroni made his professional debut with a series of important works in the field of “interior architecture” that immediately attracted attention and were published in Italian and foreign periodicals.

Lazzeroni considers “interior architecture” to be a necessary discipline, a sort of “training field” in which to glean varied experience in materials, techniques, and problems inherent to design in the home. A fundamental step for anyone approaching the world of product design.

Receptive to the history of design and its “signs,” with a personal stylistic flair that Lazzeroni spontaneously defines as “sentimental design.” It is in fact easy even for the non-expert eye to sense the link between past and future in Roberto Lazzeroni’s projects: his is design that does not parade industrial geometries, but neither does it embody frivolous affectations of aestheticism; it gives objects their correct places in history, in tradition, in an individual and collective autobiography.

Lazzeroni’s peculiar understanding of design led him to specialize in concept development: the ideas underlying the creation of new trademarks. The Cecotti Collection experience, begun in 1988, has since been flanked by work with other companies.

Collaborates with: Casamilano, Driade, Ceccotti, Antonio Lupi, Flexform, Gervasoni, Moroso, Poliform, Ycami, Cavalli, Varenna, Confalonieri, Acerbis, A+Aurora, Bacci, Gufram, Luminara, Rapsel, Fasem, Consorzio Costa Smeralda.

Ph. Alessio D'Aniello


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