Calacatta Oro

Origin: Apuan Alps (Italy).

Its colour ivory / butter has important veins, from gold to all shades of brown to green and gray. The weave of the veins changes continuously in the plates, so there are areas with coarse texture alternating with other large areas of white, creating a particular grain to pebbles, much appreciated. Inside, also various types of crystals and gray stones unevenly distributed, that are to be considered a characteristic of the marble.

We recommend not to pour acid substances as carbonated drinks and / or alcohol, oil, wine, vinegar and citrus or remove them immediately, avoiding affecting polishing.

For cleaning, we recommend very delicate products without solvents or corrosive substances. Treated with stain protection. Since marble is a natural product, any visible defects are to be considered the characteristics of the marble itself. As marble is a natural material, the veins and color tones can vary from slab to slab. Therefore the images are to be considered purely indicative.


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