Verde issogne

Origin: Italy 

Verde Issogne is a holo crystalline limestone rock. It is a high quality material characterized mainly by a dark-green colored background, which alternates almost black areas with lighter areas, interrupted by white / light veins. Thin white veins of calcite can be recognized. They have an irregular pattern and give the rock a large-scale brecciated appearance.

For a correct seal, it is recommended not to pour acid substances such as carbonated and / or alcoholic drinks, oils, wine, vinegar, citrus fruits or to remove them immediately, so as not to damage the polishing. For cleaning, we recommend very delicate products, without thinners or corrosive substances. Subjected to a stain-resistant treatment. As marble is a natural product, any visible defects are to be considered as characteristics of the marble itself. As marble is a natural material, the veins and color tones can vary from slab to slab. Therefore the images are to be considered purely indicative.


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