Heat treated eucalyptus

Heat treated eucalyptus (Thermowood) is a tropical wood, warm and elegant, characterized by blond streaks. The process of heat treatment is hand-made (thermowood), (heated at high temperatures). The changing of the wood color is completely natural and depends on how much amount of tannin the plant has (a substance found in plants) creating so natural blonde shades.The color difference is due to the nature of the plant itself (the higher the amount of tannin, the more streaks obtained) this means that there is not a perfect homogeneity in color, as it depends on nature of the plant. However, there is a tolerance range. Being wood a natural material, if exposed to direct sunlight, it can change colour in times. Do not expose to weather or direct sources of lighting (spotlights, light). Avoid direct contact with metal or sharp items, that may cause scratches.

To clean it, use a soft cloth, lightly moistened and dry.

Do not use chemicals, solvents, abrasives and products for cleaning and polishing of wood, alcohol, thinners, acetone.


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