Botero 24

Botero 24


Marco Boga

Create your comfort island with BOTERO 24, the modular sofa that redefines the standards of the modern furnishing.

H. 40 / 79

Element 1 armrest cm. W. 115 x D. 101

Central cm. W. 94 x D. 101

Corner cm. W. 101 x D. 150

Chaise longue cm. W. 115 x D. 150

Open-end cm. W. 101 x D. 150

Ottoman cm. W. 101 x D. 101 x H. 40



Technical Details


Casamilano reserves the right to make technological and aesthetic improvements to its models, including changes to the sizes and materials, without notice. Pictures and technical drawings do not define the details of the product. The measurements shown are indicative and may change. In particular, the dimensions of the upholstered parts are subject to usage tolerances over time caused by the normal adjustment of the padding. All the colours on the screen (concerning pictures and materials), for technical reasons, are indicative only and may differ from the actual finish.

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